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  1. How to reduce the amount of money you give to the IRS in retirement?

  2. How tax diversification can save you money on your future retirement income taxes and increase your income?

  3. Learn the 3 dates that changed the face and future of the American retirement system and what to do once you understand these hidden risks?

  4. Learn what Warren Buffett is doing now to make profits and how everyday investors, like us, can benefit from a similar, little-known strategy?

  5. The banker’s best math trick and how to stop it from costing you a comfortable retirement.

The reason why purely investment thinking (and investment mathematics) won’t supply answers to these retirement income questions is simple. Retirement income planning isn’t really an investment problem; it’s a risk management problem. The risk is that you won’t have enough income in retirement (or that you will, for a while, but that you’ll run out of money if you live long enough). If the annual income that you need in retirement exceeds the income from your investments (e.g.: bond coupon income, stock dividends), you’ll have to tap principal for the difference. If your investments grow, each year, by at least that amount, you’ll be fine. But if they don’t, you could run out of money.