Family Banking is a method of using permanent, high cash value life insurance policies to build a multi-generational “bank.” This Family Bank grows and safeguards dollars while providing opportunities for family members to participate in growing and/or borrowing against the policies.

I am in the financial services business with a very unique approach in that I help people find money they are currently transferring away unknowingly and unnecessarily. The way I do that is by helping you focus on the losses in your financial life rather than helping you try and pick the winners.

  • Learn how to stay on the WEALTH CURVE. Find out more on What is the Wealth Curve?

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Take a seat at the IBC Boardroom with Valerie Paine, your host. In this broadcast, she will be interviewing Vivien Adao, the President of Insight Asset Advisory Group. Vivien will offer financial solutions for you and your family and explain how to capture the money that is currently transferring away from you.